October 22, 2011

De l’Autre Côté, directed by Fatih Akin

May 19, 2011


The problems of globalisation, immigration and cultural differences in modern day Europe are the focus of a deeply moving and complex film that approaches the issues through the entangled lives of a handful of strangers. Advertisements

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A newspaper crisis?

May 6, 2011


The problem newspaper encounter with the rise of the Internet is something that should be thought about very carefully or the mere change of paying for an e-information will not help the finance very much.

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Blindness, by José Saramago

May 5, 2011


In an unknown city, a driver suddenly becomes blind. This white blindness, inexplicable and very contagious, quickly spreads throughout the country despite drastic measures the government employs to contain it. A mental asylum becomes a quarantine area for those stricken by the disease.

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Spiritual Japan

April 28, 2011


A little piece written a couple of months ago to participate in the World Nomads‘ scholarship — that I lost. Have a look at the winner’s story, Zoe Smith, and the others!

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Vinland Saga, by Makoto Yukimura

April 3, 2011


The third part (starting chapter 72) of this monthly manga just came out after a few months of hiatus. In a Dane-controlled England, it relates the story of a Viking trying to find his way to a peaceful territory, Iceland.

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Limitless, directed by Neil Burger

April 1, 2011


A failed writer is given an experimental drug that boosts the brain to limitless capacities. Unfortunately, the drug is addictive and is lust for by several other people, their dependance forcing them to do anything they can to have a daily dose.

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